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Manchester Pubs - The Stories Behind The Doors - City Centre. Andrew Simpson & Peter Topping

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 by Tram - Trafford Bar to East Didsbury

Peter Topping and Andrew Simpson have been working together for a number of years developing projects linked to the history of South Manchester. It is, as Peter said, a collaboration where he paints the pictures and Andrew tells the stories. Their work has appeared in venues across South Manchester, including an 80 metre mural, which was commissioned by a large building company and opened by Lord Bradley of Withington in 2012. Peter and Andrew also work independently.

     Peter’s work is much admired and he regularly exhibits his work, showcasing it on his website

     Andrew writes extensively on a range of historical subjects, contributing to various publications including Canadian ones and produces a popular history blog at His books include a study of rural Chorlton in the 19th century, a book on Manchester in the Great War, which was published in February 2017 and The Ever Open Door - 150 Years of The Together Trust.

     Together Peter and Andrew have written;

Didsbury Through Time

Hough End Hall - The Story

Manchester Pubs - City Centre

Manchester Pubs - Chorlton-cum-Hardy

The Quirks of Chorlton-cum-Hardy

Chorlton-cum-Hardy - churches, chapels, temples, a synagogue and a mosque

Manchester Pubs - Didsbury

nothing to do in chorlton Book 1

nothing to do in chorlton Book 2

nothing to do in chorlton Book 3

nothing to do in chorlton Book 4

nothing to do in chorlton Book 5

The History of Greater Manchester by Tram - Trafford Bar to East Didsbury

     Andrews has written;

The Story of Chorlton-cum-Hardy

Great War Britain - Manchester

The Ever Open Door - 150 Years of The Together Trust.

     Peter has written;

Smile Dammit Smile!!! - Chorlton

and illustrated and produced Poems by Lindy and Pictures by Peter

About The Authors