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Sample Chapter.
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             We would like to thank everyone that was involved in the
             research that went into the making of this book, especially
             Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives, Manchester
             City Council who gave us permission to use the black & white
             images throughout the book and the Digital Archives
             Association for supplying the old City maps.

                  A big thanks to Arthur Chappell for his old pub sign pictures
             and Deltrems on flickr for the 1990's images.

                  We would also like to thank the following people in no
             particular order who's knowledge and research into the pubs of
             Manchester was extremely valuable. Elaine Archer, Alan
             McCarthy, Paul Mitchell-Davidson.

                  Lindy Newns for many hours spent proofreading and editing.
                  And Peter would like to thank his Wife Linda for her
             understanding, and who's ominous task was to escort him and
             Andrew to many of the pubs they researched.
                  Last but not least a big thanks to CAMRA Central Manchester
             Branch for their help with the book sales and if you turn to the
             back of the book you will see an epilogue from them.

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