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Sample Chapter.
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                  All of which we think adds to the fun of the book, which is
             not just a guide but a history of those pubs and the areas they

                  It is more than anything the story of the people who lived in
             them, worked in them and drank in them.

                  The 78 have been grouped together so that they form short
             “pub walks” and each group is accompanied by a description of
             where they are situated allowing the interested tourist to put
             the pub in to its context and learn about what made Castlefield
             different from New Cross and why the Northern Quarter still has
             more than its share of period pubs.

                  All of which marks the book out as a bit different and this is
             continued by the inclusion of a “Peter painting” for each of the
             78 pubs.

                  And some of these paintings have themselves passed into
             history as the pubs have been redecorated taking on a new
             landlord and even a bit of a makeover inside.

                  But what remains constant are their histories and the
             affection they command from their customers.

                  The Old Nag’s Head is one of those 19th century city pubs
             which is fondly remembered by many. For some it is the coffin
             which was a feature of its back room while others still talk of
             how it hosted the likes of Judy Driscoll, Long John Baldry and

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