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Sample Chapter.
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Rod Stewart, all of whom rehearsed in a room upstairs before
going on to play at the Old Twisted Wheel.

    No less loyal are those who frequent the Knott Bar on the
corner of Castle Street and Deansgate. It may not be able to
claim to have been serving beer as long as the Nags Head but
it occupies an arch in the railway viaduct, which was built in
1849, and the space under the railway line has been home to a
shed load of enterprises including in 1966 the Modern Tyre
Repair Company which supplied India and Goodyear tyres as
well as a special deal on retreads.

    But pubs are under threat. In the last decade plenty have
closed and in the course of writing the book some of the 78
have served their last pint, bade farewell to their last customer
and closed their doors for good.

    We wondered about including them but they remain a
landmark and it is just possible that by the time you read this
they will have reopened.

    So as they say “we commend” this little volume of the 78 in
the sure knowledge
that you will find the
stories interesting, the
pubs delightful and
the walks instructive,
with that added piece
of advice that you can
visit them in any way
you want.

    You can start each
walk in a different way
or be very
adventurous and pick
and mix, taking in one
from each walk .... it
is all there for the

    This is truly a book
for all occasions, all
histories and of course
all beers.

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