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At a time when

many public

houses are closing

down, Chorlton

does seem to be

challenging the


Along with the

eight pubs, of

which two date

back into the


century, the

township has

around 25 bars at

the time of

writing, some of

which are

themselves well

established and                         Chorlton and surrounding area, 1818
now have a

history, and these are regularly complemented with new ones.

Of course, there are those who are critical of this

development. After all, it was not that many years ago that

Chorlton boasted a handful of pubs, just three restaurants, and

whole rows of shops which were still selling everything from

wool and toys, to television sets, shoes and wallpaper.

And, while it is fashionable to call for the return of these old

fashioned retail outlets, for the time being, they seem to have

had their day.

The continued use of supermarkets and online shopping has

dealt a blow to businesses which sold everything from pears to

paraffin, and postage stamps to fresh fish, which begs the

question: what should replace those shops?

Many will remember Beech Road in the 1980s when, as the

old businesses closed, there was nothing taking their place and,

for a decade, things looked uncertain.

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