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Sample Chapter.
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    The same has now happened to stretches of Barlow Moor
Road and Wilbraham Road, making Chorlton an attractive place
to spend an evening, made all the more so with a tram network
which brings people in from Didsbury, Wythenshawe and the
city centre.

    All of that means it is time for a book on Chorlton’s pubs
and bars following on from our very successful Manchester
Pubs - The Stories Behind the Doors - City Centre.

    Like the City Centre edition, the idea is to offer the
interested reader and the curious tourist a description of each
establishment with original paintings by Peter along with some
old and new photographs and my tales of the people who
owned them, worked in them and visited them.

    The hostelries have been grouped into 6 walks, which not
only allows you to gently amble from one to another, but
presents you with a history of each area.

    So, as they say, “we commend” this little volume of 33 in
the sure knowledge that you will find the stories interesting,
the pubs and bars delightful and the 6 walks instructive, with
the added advantage that you can visit them in any way you

    You can start each walk in a different way, or be very
adventurous and pick and mix, taking in one from each walk.
You can even sit in the comfort of your own home and just read
it from cover to cover.... it is all there for the sampling.

    This is truly a book for all occasions, all histories and, of
course, all beers.

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