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                  side of Needham Avenue, as far as Barlow Moor Lane in one
                  direction, and Corkland Road in the other.
                      The estate also included a large meadow field and small
                  wood stretching back from Needham, along Barlow Moor Lane,
                  to Lane End.
                      William Morton had been there since 1821, but on his death
                  his will stipulated that the house and land had to be sold within
                  five years.
                      When this happened is not known, but in 1845 a Miss
                  Crofton was there paying rent to the Executors of Mr Morton.
                      By 1847 the house and land were in the possession of
                  Frederick Cope, who was a wine merchant.
                      And in 1892, the house became the Priory of St Peter, the
                  “object of which was the conversion of England by means of
                  outdoor lectures and sermons to non Catholics”.***
                      But its existence was short lived and four years later, “it
                  was found impossible to carry out the terms of the contract
                  with the vendor of the property, and the estate was sold".

                                                                     St Peter's Priory 1895
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