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                  early services in the Masonic Hall and the Public Hall.
                      Each went on to build their own churches, which meant that
                  by 1910 the people of Chorlton had a choice of 17 churches to
                  choose from.*
                      It might seem a bewildering choice, and equally might also
                  have seemed so to a resident of Chorlton in 1800, when the
                  only church was that of St Clement’s beside the village green.
                  In its white painted walls, parishioners would have heard the
                  service conducted using the Elizabethan Book of Common
                  Prayer, on a site where there had been religious worship dating
                  back to around 1512. But in that earlier chapel, the religious
                  landscape would have been very different with services
                  conducted in Latin, with a priest who looked to Rome for
                      That uniformity of religious practice has gone, and alongside
                  the churches, there are now three Buddhist centres and a Hindu
                  temple, while just beyond the Chorlton boundary there is a
                  mosque and a synagogue, all of which are described in the
                  pages of this book, along with a selection of original paintings
                  by Peter supported by contemporary colour photographs, old
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