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 by Tram - Trafford Bar to East Didsbury #

30 places of worship - 5 walks. With over 265 paintings, contemporary and period photographs, illustrations and maps.

     In 1910, Kemp’s Almanack and Handbook listed seventeen churches in or close to Chorlton, but a century and a bit later, some have vanished.

     Their congregations have merged with others, and the buildings they once used for worship have been demolished, or converted to serve new groups, pursuing different spiritual paths.

     All of which meant that it was time to explore these historic churches, and their successors, along with the people and stories that were part of their existence.

     We have delved into the vast archives, and along the way, recorded the stories of all the places of worship in Chorlton, as well as the Hindu Temple on Upper Chorlton Road, and the mosque and synagogue just over the border in west Didsbury.

     And like our other books, we have designed this one as both a collection of stories which can be read in front of the fire, or as a series of walks.

ISBN 978 0 995705 55 5