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 by Tram - Trafford Bar to East Didsbury

A fascinating selection of stories and more than 600 paintings and pictures that trace some of the many ways in which Manchester has changed and developed over the last century.

     There have been some fine histories of Pubs written over the last 50 years, including the publication of the CAMRA Good Beer Guide and other pub walks.

     And now it is time for a new book, which does not attempt to revisit or repackage what already has been published but to do something different.

      Manchester Pubs aims to chronicle the changes over the last century, mixing old images and maps with new photographs and paintings.

     The book, taking in 78 pubs, focuses on the people who lived behind the doors of the buildings and in the surrounding areas.

     This 382 page volume is packed with paintings, colour photographs, old black & white photos, illustrations, maps from the 1800s and modern day maps.

We have divided the book into 15 walks and you can start each walk from anywhere on the map or be very adventurous and pick and mix, taking in one from each walk .... it is all there for the sampling.

This is truly a book for all occasions, all histories and of course all beers.

ISBN 978 0 995705 50 0

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