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Sample Chapter.
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                                                                                              Chorlton and the Row 1854

             odd, bordering on the bizarre, others are just a tad eccentric;
             into the pot we also dropped people who have made a
             contribution to the township, or who are, or were, much loved

                  We don’t claim it is an exhaustive collection and, while there
             will be those who mutter about who or what we have left out,
             we are pleased with what’s been included.

                  And like our two pubs books, we have designed Quirks, both
             as a story to be read in front of the fire, or as a series of walks,
             taking the intrepid seeker to all things quirky across Chorlton,
             from east to west and back again.1

                  At which point, it is perhaps incumbent on me to mention
             the geography of where we live, which was bounded by the
             River Mersey and the flood plain to the south and the
             neighbouring townships on the other three sides.
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