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Sample Chapter.
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                                                               We would like to thank
                                                               everyone that was
                                                               involved in the
                                                               research that went into
                                                               the making of this
                                                               book, especially
                                                               Manchester Libraries,
                                                               Information and
                                                               Archives, Manchester
                                                               City Council, who gave
                                                               us permission to use
                                                               the black & white
                                                               images throughout the
                  book, and the Digital Archives Association for supplying the old
                  Chorlton maps.
                     We would also like to thank the following people in no
                  particular order whose knowledge and research into this book
                  was extremely valuable.
                     Mr Raj Kaushal, George Morton, Canon Falak Sher, Tony
                  Goulding, Bernadette Lynch, Jonathan Mathews, Ken Flood,
                  Rabbi Amir Ellitov, Valerie Roebuck, Ken Stokes, Mike Rutter,
                  Tom Grimshaw, Paul Maylor, Philip Lloyd, Father McMahon, Ida
                  Bradshaw, Rabbi Shalom Morris, Rob Barr, Abu Omar, Paul
                  Maylor, Richard Simon, Bernard Leach, Ray Jones and Lindy
                  Newns for many hours spent proofreading and editing.
                     Peter would like to thank his Wife Linda for proofreading and
                  editing, and whose dubious task it was to escort him and
                  Andrew to many of the places of worship they researched.
                     And Andrew would like to thank Tina and his four sons who
                  patiently listened to each exciting new story, asked the right
                  questions, and always showed interest and offered
                     Also we would like to apologies for anyone we have missed
                  in the Acknowledgements.
                     Last but not least, a big thanks to all the places of worship
                  for supporting the writing of the book.

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